The city of Newcastle may be renowned for its trebles bars and vibrant nightlife, but with cuts to the emergency services, an increase of pubs and clubs, plus a mental health crisis, the city is wrestling between its economic prosperity and the health and welfare of its residents and visitors.

This is where the street pastors come in – a group of Christian volunteers from across the region, who give up their time on Friday and Saturday nights to patrol some of the most lively streets in Britain. Patrolling in teams of three or four, the pastors work in conjunction with the police, St. John’s ambulance, taxi companies and local bars to ensure everyone has a safe night out, whether they’re reveller or a just a passer-by.

They operate without fear or favour, offering help to anyone and everyone – first aid, flip flops, foil blankets, they’ve got it all for those in need. Follow the team as they survey the streets of Newcastle, find out who they are, what they do and most importantly, why.

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