Prayer-225x300The Street Pastors motto is – listening, caring and helping, following the example of Jesus himself, who could be said to be the original ‘Street Pastor’. Prayer for the work of all our teams and volunteers is vital. Among other things our prayers are for:

  • A share of the compassion of God for people
  • Continued strength and motivation for this work
  • To fill us with resources of grace and love
  • The safety and protection of all Street Pastors
  • Financial provision for the work
  • God’s guidance for the development of the work




Each project is encouraged to have prayer teams working with the Street Pastors in their area. Our local Prayer Coordinator can support the teams by being a contact point and supplying prayer information. The Prayer Coordinator hope is to encourage local churches and members to pray with the Street Pastors teams as we serve together to care for our community.

We also would like as many Gravesham Churches to support us in prayer.

For more information or to support us in prayer please contact our prayer coordinator David Scott: Email:

We are in need of new Prayer Pastors, especially for Saturday nights for our patrol base.