What We Do

Caring-300x225Gravesham Street Pastors has now been running since 2009. We have been out on the streets of Gravesham meeting people within the community patrolling every Friday and Saturday night between 10pm until the early hours. We now have a ninth team that go out on payday weekends between 12am – 4am.




Street Pastors has been very well received by those out enjoying the night-time economy with people being happy to see us and being supportive of the teams. The teams have built up good relationships with door staff and with members of the public who are out on a given evening.

All our volunteers are from different Christian churches and work together to care within our local area.

On a patrol we:

  • Care, Listen and Help
  • Build relationships within the community
  • Make sure people are safe
  • Have a listening ear
  • We are Non Judgemental
  • Help vulnerable people
  • Clear broken glass and bottles
  • Give out Flip Flops preventing injury to feet
    from glass
  • Supply bottles of water to those who are dehydrated
    and/or being sick
  • Give out blankets to keep people warm
  • Care for those who are hurt or unwell until help arrives