June 2022

Hounslow Street Pastors plea for help!

The pandemic hit our ministry hard and Hounslow Street Pastors is at the point of closing if we do not have an influx of volunteers in the next 3 months. We were unable to hold night-time patrols for 2 years. We undertook some shorter daytime patrols in 2021 as restrictions changed. In 2022 we’ve managed 2 shorter evening patrols as a trial, and the night-time economy has changed, but we had to cancel May’s patrol due to insufficient team through illness.

Over the last 2 years our pool of volunteers has been adversely affected – and we currently need more – committee members, a ordinator, Prayer Pastors and Street Pastors and would appreciate your support in making these urgent needs known in your church – more details below.

This ministry started in 2009, and it’s difficult to think that it might not be able to continue. Many local churches have supported us through prayer, gifts, hosting, pulpit space, and volunteers.

Street Pastors is an international organisation, with trained volunteers from local churches of different denominations and we care about our community. We do not preach but aim to care, listen, and help. Some of our members are willing to visit your church to talk about Hounslow Street Pastors – just ask!

Hounslow Street Pastors urgently need the following:

  • Committee members Our chair, Rev Claudia Lupi, is off to pastures new in July. Resignations over the last 2 years leaves us with just 3 Trustees! We need a minimum of 3 more but can have up to 9.
  • Co-ordinator This is a paid, part-time job (£14ph), dealing primarily with the administration for the team and committee. A job description is available, and hours can be agreed to suit. Our previous Co-ordinator left at the start of the pandemic, and we need urgent help to catch up with several aspects of work.
  • Street Pastors Our team of 5 is reduced to 4 when Claudia leaves. Over the past 2 years, 3 of the team have had to deal with significant personal issues that affects their availability. We need a minimum of 3 for night-time patrols and do not expect to be able to staff these until more volunteers are trained.
  • Prayer Pastors An important part of our ministry, undertaking to pray whilst patrols take place. Over the last year we’ve developed this as praying at home, although in the past PPs have been at base for night-time patrols. We need at least 2-4 new people.
  • Finance Donations in the last 12 months mean that we are in a strong position and can pay the training for several new Street Pastors.