We withdrew all of our patrols during lockdown to help reduce Coronavirus infection. But we’re so excited to be back on patrol now that the country has entered phase 3 of the leaving lockdown plan. 

We’re only able to provide limited patrols at the moment but you should see us working in pairs during the daytime and early evening at least twice a week. Lockdown has been really tough for most of us and we’re finding that it’s good to talk about it, so why not come over and have a blether?

Along with most other organisations, we’ve introduced a lot of new health and safety procedures to keep everyone safe from COVID-19. Like a lot of charities, we’re also feeling a pinch in our income due to the pandemic. If you’d like to help us then a donation of as little as £1 can buy some of the PPE that our volunteers now need to carry. Simply TEXT “PASTORS 1” to 70085 (or change the 1 to however much you’d like to give). Your mobile phone operator will charge you for a standard rate message in addition to your donation.