Kettering Street Pastors are available from 11pm on a Saturday night until 3am on a Sunday morning. We may also be active on special occasions such as Christmas Eve, and New Years Eve.

If you need our help, or have seen someone who does, please approach our team directly. Alternatively, you can ask any Police officer, or the door staff at any pub or club, to contact us via the Pubwatch radio system.

Our practical support includes:

  • Caring for you if you become drunk or vulnerable
  • Helping you to find your friends if you become separated
  • Assisting in finding a taxi or contacting your family and friends to arrange a lift home
  • Providing basic first aid
  • Giving out flip flops if you can no longer walk on your heels
  • Offering you a bottle of water if you have had too much to drink
  • Providing a space blanket if you are cold

If you need our emotional support, this includes:

  • Listening to your concerns and worries in a completely open and non-judgmental way
  • Offering honest, impartial advice
  • Providing you with information on other services who may be able to help you