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Kingston Alcohol Recovery Centre (ARC) report December 2015

Over the December period the London Ambulance Service (LAS) together with Metropolitan Police, Kingston First, Kingston Samaritans, Kingston Public Health, Valiant Security, Kingston Street Pastors, Everyday Church and numerous individuals providing support in their own time.

The aim was to keep people safe in Safe and Sound offering refreshments and a listening ear and to offer the ARC for people who had indulged in too much alcohol and needed to recover, maybe the person who would have called an ambulance and been transported to Kingston Hospital, along with friends, and taken up time and space when the need was for time and safety to recover.  Over the period of 10 days, 64 people were seen in the ARC, 370 in Safe and Sound with an estimate of 45 ambulances saved.  In the climate we are now in this seems a wise use of resources.  Please see the report

Kingston ARC report