Monthly Giving 

Thank you for deciding to donate towards the work of Lambeth Street Pastors.

We are your local charity and we need your support with running costs and training.

If you wish to support or fund someone’s training. The candidate will get 6 – 10 weeks of intensive training dependent on role,

a DBS check,  ID badge and uniform.

Your donations will go towards the following:-


£350 STREET PASTOR 10 wks 

£250 SCHOOL PASTOR 6 wks 

COSTS (monthly)

£30 Insurance

£30 Licence

£15 a months supply of water

£10  protective gloves

£20 face masks

Everything that you give will go towards the running costs, training and equipping more Street and School Pastors in Lambeth.

It will help us to fulfil our aim of being out on the streets daytimes and weekends throughout Lambeth.

THANK YOU for your donation