To Leamington Spa Street Pastors


To Leamington Spa Street Pastors

Leamington Spa Street Pastors

Welcome to Leamington Spa Street Pastors’ website.

Be a FRIDAY Street Pastor!!!
Too busy on a Sunday to volunteer for Saturdays?  We are going all-out to patrol at least on ‘Payday Fridays’
(usually the last Friday after the 25th of the month).
See the ‘Join‘ page for more info and a video.

Me, a Street Pastor? See what’s really involved, and prepare to be surprised.
eg. we don’t preach, it’s not dangerous and there are long periods of doing little.

. .
. . . but also short periods of really being there for a few who need care, support, protection or a listening ear. Please read on.


Last updated 10th December 2019


To find us again or link to us enter:
(or just Google    Leamington Street Pastors)
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Why do you do this?

Our faith shapes our actions. Explore it for yourself at a site supported by all Christian churches.d.

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Check out the International Street Pastors website.

From Our Blog

UPDATE April 2019: 3 reasons to be positive…

#  Thanks to the Warwick District Council for their continued support. #  9 of us had a fruitful Team 'Day' (10-1) last Saturday. Thanks to Kam in gently guiding our thoughts. #  From this we committed to patrol on the 'payday Friday' for the next 5 months and...

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