First Night Back in the city 9.10.21

Finally, we were able to send out a patrol onto the streets of Leicester City after over 18 months away. A team of three went out with the support of a dedicated prayer pastor. The whole team had been praying all week for protection for the team and for guidance about where the patrol needed to go.

We have moved the times of our patrols so that we can meet some of the new staff working in the new venues across the city. We now go out around 8.30pm.

So much has changed- new venue names, new door staff and of course new ways of enjoying ourselves. A lot to learn now we are back out.

The atmosphere was joyous and exciting with Jubilee Square busy with people dancing to a boom box. Lots of laughter and fun. There were families and young people out enjoying all that the city has to offer.

Although things have changed there are some things that were familiar. We still picked up glass bottles to keep the streets safe and we were able to catch up with old friends. The reception we received was overwhelming. We are SO glad to be part of the night life in Leicester in these COVID times.