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What we have been doing this September

Who we are and what we do

Leicester Street Pastors are a group of volunteers who go out most Saturday nights between 8.30pm and 2am. A team is a minimum of 3 volunteers and their focus is to listen, care and help everyone who is in the city at night whether they are people working or people out for a good time. The initiatives work in partnership with the City Council, the Police, St John’s Ambulance and any other agencies that are present in the city. We carry radios and can contact CCTV or be contacted by those using the City Watch service.

September- this month we have:

Offered the city over 52 volunteer hours

Collected over 150 glasses and bottles that could be used as dangerous weapons

Spoke to over 56 people about key issues in their lives

Provided over 32 different forms of help


We spent time with a group who were out celebrating; one member of the group seemed unusually affected by their drinking. An ambulance could not come for over 4 hours and no taxis would pick the people up. Our team used their own vehicle and took the person to  A&E. At the end of the patrol the team returned to hear the man had had a bleed on the brain.

We noticed a group of women who had been drinking and were leaving themselves in a vulnerable position. A male was following them and insisting on accompanying them. When asked, the women admitted they did not know the man. The team engaged the man in conversation allowing the women to move away and access transport home.

We were called on the radio by a manager of a city establishment. A young male had been drinking to excess and had been very ill. The manager wanted  to support the male, ensuring he made a safe return home. We accompanied the male, supporting him, offering water and ensuring he was able to access transport home.

We were approached by a member of the public who was concerned that a dangerous weapon had been concealed in a public place. The team called the Police via the radios and a large machete type knife was recovered from the scene.

These are just some of the stories from our time on the streets this September.

We have been on the city streets for almost 18 years so we have LOTS of stories!!