Over the past couple of months we have been building a partnership with leicestershire Police and specifically with the Violent crime Reduction Unit. Earlier this month we held a joint meeting with the unit along with police beat officers and a media company to explore the reasons why some areas in the city have more incidences of violent crime than others. Our unique knowledge of the night time economy was valued and listened to.

Police beat officers from sectors of the city talked about the incidences of violence in their area and we offered suggestions as to why; for example:

We highlighted that the influx of students to the universities in the autumn term could be challenging. They are in unfamiliar areas with people they do not know. They may not have had the opportunities to experience alcohol and so all these combined with an existing population could lead to friction.

 We also commented on the way the space is used across the city noting that where there are lots of people crammed into a small space there will inevitably be issues.

We suggested that where lighting is poor then the incidents of crime may be higher. We also noted that if an area is being used by different groups with different aims- pre- drinking, finding somewhere dry to sleep etc. This variety of people and a lack of tolerance could lead to flashpoints.

On a general note we highlighted our concern about the use of social media and how that generates issues. It may be that violence can appear to be spontaneous but in reality a conversation has been going on online.


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