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To Leicester Street Pastors

Leicester Street Pastors

The Street Pastors initiative is a national, interdenominational Christian response to today’s social problems. Our team is made up of Christian men and women from a range of churches; St Andrew’s Jarrom Street to Holy Trinity to Oadby Baptist.


We walk around the city centre in teams of 3 or 4 every Saturday night and the first Friday night of each month. We are here to listen, care and help – to show God’s love and what Christianity is about in practical ways.


We support other people working in the nighttime economy such as the police and door staff offering our time and a listening ear. We offer practical support whether that be flipflops for those who have “tired” feet, water for those feeling unwell or lollipops to bring a joyful attitude! We are trained in many practical skills including how to provide basic First Aid. We carry radios and so can report situations but also respond to a range of events that occur over an evening.


The determination and motivation of our teams is underpinned by prayerful support from their home churches.This prayer ensures that the teams are affirmed in their role and know that their ministry is part of their home church’s mission to share God’s love.


These churches also provide donated funds to ensure the team is able to provide the appropriate support. This monetary and pray support is vital to us.

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Street Pastors have been on the streets of Leicester for almost 20 years.In that time we have shared the love of God with over 10,000 people. We aim to be out most Saturday nights between 8pm and 2am and the last Friday of the month

Getting ready to go out is not just about putting on the uniform, it’s about seeking God’s guidance in all we do. We go out in teams of 3 or 4 with radios to keep us informed but also to share anything we notice. We are there to ensure everyone enjoys their time in the city and gets home safely. We have the time to listen to everyone’s story.

We work in partnership with many other agencies including, City Watch, CCTV, St John’s Ambulance, door staff and the Police. We are part of a larger network improving the safety of the city. We offer practical support; flipflops for those who have taken off their shoes, water for those who are feeling unwell and basic first aid when needed.

We gather together Christians from a wide range of churches across the city and county.

Do you have 5 hours a month you could offer?? Come and join us.



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Check out the International Street Pastors website.

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