Lady Erroll Last Saturday night the High Sheriff of Bedfordshire went out with one of our teams patrolling the streets of Luton and helping those in need. Here’s her account of what she got up to:

“My evening/morning with the Luton Street Pastors was a very spirited experience!  I was expecting to spend a few hours out on patrol with the Pastors to learn about their undertakings. 

I actually spent the whole evening and arrived home at 6am!  Luckily I have a very understanding Husband!!  The public set the pace and the Pastors certainly had their work cut out in keeping up! The evening atmosphere builds up and intensifies the mood was generally high and the majority of the public were having a good fun filled night out.  The evening progressed and once into the early hours we didn’t stop, duties included relentless clearing up of glass and cans the aim was to prevent and protect the public from potentially using them as weapons, we fed people in need, assisted the emergency services, helped re-unite separated vulnerable individuals back with their friends, diffused volatile confrontations and supplied flip-flops to hopefully help a safe and injury free journey home. 

All these combined efforts saving potential hours of A&E time. We were so busy I didn’t feel I could leave until the shift was over, I was overwhelmed by the efforts of the Luton Street Pastors! An evening I will not forget! 

Keep up the good work, the streets are a safer place with your help”20151010_233720

Luton Street Pastors enjoyed having the countess out on patrol with us and we are so grateful for Lady Erroll’s support and encouragement.