We believe prayer is a key part of the work we do on our patrols around the town centre. Before a team goes out on their patrol, they spend time in prayer together. As they patrol, they pray for the situations they see. If someone asks, they will pray for them on the street. When they get back to base, they pray. And if they feel an issue needs further prayer, they can let the rest of the team know so the rest of us can pray too!

Each of our Street Pastors has a friend who will regularly pray for them as they go out on patrol. But we need more.

Many Street Pastors initiatives across the country have recruited teams of ‘Prayer Pastors’ – faithful Christians who work alongside our Street Pastors, praying for them throughout their patrols.

Prayer Pastors meet at the same time as the Street Pastor patrol, praying for the team before they go out. Then while the Street team patrol, Prayer Pastors stay at base and continue to pray. They are often called or texted by the team on the street with specific things to pray for. They can get creative in their prayer and can also worship and even bring along cakes and snacks. They may also get refreshments ready for the patrol when they come back to the base for a break.

We also know that some would want to pray for the work, but can’t get out of their homes that late at night. These ‘remote’ Prayer Pastors, can also be linked up with the team going out, so they also get real time updates of what’s going on on the streets.

If you would be interested in finding out more about becoming a Prayer Pastor, or encouraging others in your church to pray for the work of Street Pastors, please do get in touch via our Contact Us page.