Our two patrols so far in March show the contrast there can be on consecutive weeks. One week “quiet”, the next a bit more challenging, but with supportive prayer and inspiration and help from the Holy Spirit, our team were able to deal with and de-escalate several potentially troublesome situations. Here are some of the messages and reports the teams sent out.

Friday March 1: “Over all quiet night this Friday, the first half the weather was crisp and dry, but we were described as drown rats by the end and told to go home by a taxi warden!
36 bottles taken from the streets
2 pairs of feet rescued with flip flops.
Engaged with over 10 different people/groups.
Met people from Bury, Bolton, Nottingham and Finland. All out in the city, some lost, others without shoes, 2 in need of a drink & all just wanted to say thank you for caring and volunteering our time.
Thank you team for patrolling.”

Friday March 8: “Hi guys – just been confronted with a volatile situation on Piccadilly gardens.  6 men verbally attacking passing male – squaring up etc.  Prayed over the situation which eventually diffused – praise the Lord.  Your prayers for single male ‘Mo’ appreciated.
Great team work 🙏👍😀

Shirley and Marie calming an irate punter down after being throw out of lower Turks head.  Prayed for each other.  PTL 🙏👍☝🏼🙌🏼

More of a back story to above photo.  Apparently the man lives in Arizona with his family who are visiting Manchester as guests of MCFC following an article he had written about his two boys (8 & 12) and the challenges they have faced following some bullying at school – amazing.
Shirley and Marie spent time talking and praying with him and he shared his testimony with them.
We walked back towards his hotel with him and, hopefully, left him with a much better impression of Manchester than the doorman who threw him out!
What an amazing God 🙏☝🏼🙏🙌🏼😀

Q) What work could the Almighty God have for four women with a combined age of 258 (I’m 26 so you can work out how old the other ladies are / joke!) on the busy, volatile street of Manchester?
A) Lots!
As we were praying on leaving the police station a young man approached us and asked to join our prayer – what a blessing.
Having told Yvonne to stand well back in the UNLIKELY event of possible violent outbreaks – we encountered three!!!
All ending peacefully through the power of prayer and the Holy Spirit’s calming presence.  (although I did get very anxious 😥 during one altercation when some of the team took a more ‘hands on’ approach to dealing with the matter!). But the Lord sent two lovely Police Officers to rescue the situation.
No flip flops were given out.
No bottles collected (is this a first?)
Just lots of conversations – lots of opportunity for prayer and a real sense of God’s blessing as he guided us through a very challenging night.
Grateful thanks for your prayerful support.
And grateful thanks to the team who I hope all got a good night’s rest.  They deserved it!”