Notes and photos from our patrol on 21st June

Great night in the City Centre – grateful for your prayers.
Quieter than expected considering good weather.
46+ conversations
6 pairs flip flops duly applied to sore feet: “you’re life savers”.  Chara – out for the first time as an observer – joined in the foot frenzy – well done Chara!
Watched as two females left Piccadilly Gardens with (what appeared unwanted) male tagging along.  Intervened when one female ended up alone with male who sloped off.  Waited with female until friend returned.
Prayed over volatile situation involving number of police vs doormen in Stephenson’s Sq – quickly resolved
Part of main Norther Quarter strip (Cain and Grain) now pedestrianised on Fri/Sat nights.
Chatted with various members of public queuing outside Footlocker waiting for it to open at 7am.
Patrol finished at 1.40am.