Tricia Hewson

Event details Going Raspberry! Street Pastors serve the community by listening to, caring for and helping people they meet at night, usually between 10pm and 2am on a Friday.

Whether its physically kneeling down to put flip flops on tired, sore feet or giving out hats and gloves on cold wintry nights people will not remember Tricia because of her awesome raspberry hair but because of her great big heart – loving and serving Manchester. Please support Tricia as she raises funds for Manchester South Street Pastors. Money that will really help Tricia and the team to continue to build relationships, care for those in need at a point in time when they may most desperately need it – either practically by calling a taxi, providing water for the inebriated, buying a hot coffee on a cold night – or, as so often is the case, just taking the time to listen to someone.

It is really wonderful being a Street Pastor, being part of a loving team, and getting to meet and talk with so many diverse, interesting, lovely people as we walk the streets of Manchester. If you would like to hear more about the work we do please contact me at: