Did you know that Street Pastors is part of the GCSE religious education syllabus?

I was fortunate enough to be invited into Failsworth Coop Academy recently to give talks to pupils in year 9 and year 10 about the work of Street Pastors. There were 16 Year 10’s who engaged animatedly about what Street Pastors stand for, what they do on patrol and what we keep in our backpacks. They listened attentively about the way God works through this ministry and were brave enough to take part in some role play about how we help people we come across. The smaller Year 9 group (6 pupils) heard very similar content to the Year 10’s but, with 15 minutes to spare at the end of the lesson, got busy decorating flip flops which the teacher later used as part of a Street Pastor display in the classroom. What an impressive group of young people – focussed, engaged and very polite – a credit to Failsworth Coop Academy.

Hello Lesley,

Thank you so much for coming into school today, the pupils absolutely loved your session. I really think you helped the students to understand the role of street pastor. It was the best session by an external visitor that I have seen – very interesting and engaging. 

I have attached the picture of the flip flop, I am going to display them all and will send you a picture when it’s done.

Thanks once again.


The Manchester South team were joined around 10.30pm by three local Councillors as they patrolled the Curry Mile recently. It was very encouraging that the three Councillors took the time to visit the area they represent so late at night and had the opportunity to really get a feel of the night time economy in Rusholme chatting to restaurant owners, money collectors, rough sleepers and other people who stop us or need our help. Their words of encouragement and praise for the work Street Pastors do was really valued by the whole team.

Hi Lesley

Thank you to you, Kate & Jeff for giving myself, Jill & Ahmed the opportunity to go on a walkabout with you last night.

Thank you for all the work you do. 

It was informative and helpful and we are delighted to be supporting you through the NIF funds.

I will speak to Richard about your participation on the IAG and get back to you.

We know you speak to a lot of students, an aspect of your work which is really important in ensuring that students can enjoy the vibrant Manchester night-life safely. Please reinforce the message about being extra careful when using their mobile phones and using cards at cash machines;  NOT walking through Birchfields Park in the dark (even if there are 3/4 of them) as a short cut and the severe harmful effects of shisha smoking on their health (1 hour of shisha is equivalent to smoking 100 cigarettes).

Thanks again and I attach a photo from last night for your use.


Rabnawaz and on behalf of  Jill & Ahmed


Story 1

“I remember speaking to a Dan a rough sleeper in the city. We were able to give him a hat and gloves and he was very grateful, as I sat with him he shared briefly of his own story and also about his ill health. He hadn’t been on the streets very long and he was quite depressed. I asked him if he was able to access local services around the city and he wasn’t familiar with what was available. I showed him the lanyards we carry and I pointed out where he could receive healthcare. After I gave him the lanyard he said he wanted to give me something and he got out his harmonica and his gift to me was a song, then he prayed for me. After his prayer I told him that I was a Christian and that I wanted to pray for him. So I prayed for him, he cried, we hugged and said goodbye. I may have spent more time with this one man that we usually spend with those we meet but this I could tell was certainly a God ordained encounter and one that Dan and I needed.”