To be a Street Pastor, you need to be:

• part of a recognised Christian church for at least a year and be in good standing with the leadership
• able to commit in the first year to approximately 50 hours of training
• able to go out at least once a month as part of a team

In Greater Manchester we work together to provide a rolling training programme enabling you to become fully trained over a 12 month period. There are 12 sessions over a 13 month period but if you’re unable to attend a training day you can pick it up the next time it is run. There are certain training days which arerequired to be completed before going out on the streets with the team. These include ‘Roles and Responsibilities’, ‘Street Safety’ or ‘Conflict Resolution’ plus any two others.

You can come and try it out without any pressure to join to see if Street Pastors is for you. It helps if you contact us first but you can just turn up on the training days. Remember to bring your own lunch!

Click here to download a copy of the GMSP Training Programme

Our Training venue is

South Chadderton Methodist Church
Thompson Lane