Mansfield Street Pastors first went out Saturday 19th November 2011. 

Since then we have (to 31/12/14):

  • Had interesting chats and many a good laugh with over 4992 people
  • Directly helped and given aid to 296 individuals
  • Given out more than 345 Bottles of Water
  • Provided 1011 pairs of our infamous pink Flip-Flops
  • Given out 1008 much appreciated Lollipops
  • Given First Aid to 88 people
  • Used 62 Space Blankets
  • Called 26 Ambulances
  • Picked up and binned 3263 Bottles and Broken Glasses

We do all this for FREE because we think you’re worth it and believe it’s a privilege to meet and serve our local community and take the love of Jesus onto the Streets of Mansfield.

If you see us down Town – please come and say hello!