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5959257-large-300x201Mansfield Street Pastors was formed in 2011. Working independently, but with the full support of the Local Authority and the Police, and working closely with security and door staff of the pubs and clubs, we patrol the Town Centre on Saturday nights between 9pm and 4am.

The aim of Mansfield Street Pastors is to be a visible presence on the streets contributing to a safer Mansfield The Street Pastor team consists of over 35 Christian volunteers from Churches in and around Mansfield. We are not there to preach, but to show the love of the Lord Jesus, in a practical way.

Street Pastors are there to offer a prayerful presence, a listening ear and simple, practical help. A typical night would involve up to 9 Street Pastors in two teams, walking the street of Mansfield engaging with people of all ages, spending time listening and chatting with people and offering practical assistance where appropriate which typically might be:

  • A warm drink for a homeless person.
  • A pair of flip-flops for an unsteady female who can no longer walk in her stilettos.
  • A friendly ear or a shoulder to cry on.
  • Defusing a potentially violent situation
  • Assisting a vulnerable person to get home
  • A space blanket for a very cold clubber
  • Water for those in need of it
  • Basic First Aid and/or arranging Emergency Medical Assistance
  • Sweeping up Broken Glass and Picking Up Bottles
  • Signposting Those in Need to Appropraite Agencies