In a book called Holy Habits by Andrew Roberts (a Methodist minister) there is one chapter entitled ‘Service’. The chapter starts by commenting on Street Pastors and the like, venturing onto the streets to help those in need.  We may not fully understand how people appreciate us but he lists the following which was written by a young woman from Telford who found herself in need of assistance at 3 a.m. on a cold wet November morning. Hopefully this will give us encouragement if we ever get a little despondent.

Someone to Watch Over Me                            Dedicated to Sankj-uary Telford
ow my ears they hurt
‘coz the beat’s too loud
know I’ve drunk too much
inside I’m not too proud
lungs can ‘ardly breathe
feel  like a tub o’ lard
no one sees I’m scared
I’m really not that hard
head’s spinnin’ round ‘n round
my heart it’s thumpin’ fast
whatevah’s goin’ down
I’m hopin’ it won’t last
everythin’s a blur
don’t really wanna stay
to be wiv what occurs
just need to run away
want me mum to hold
so my world won’t crash
want me dad to scold
when I am smokin’ hash
my god it’s freezin’ out
how will I make it home
who will take my hand
see that I’m all alone
then I saw your face
glowin’ angel bright
offerin’ tea and warmth
in the dead of night
you held my eyes
touched my feet with love
wrapped me from  the cold
so I wouldn’t feel so rough
then I looked again
‘n saw my mother’s smile
saw my father’s pride
not his backhanded bile
I never thought
That I would ever see
someone care enough
to watch over me