We are a team of 16 local volunteers from all over Medway and from all different Christian denominations.  3 or 4 Pastors patrol Rochester each Saturday making sure people have a good time and get home safely.

We patrol Rochester as two teams of two, each pair walking either side of the road with the other team in sight.  We talk to each door staff member as well as members of the public while we patrol.  Once we get to the bridge and are satisfied all is well, we turn around and head back to Star Hill.

On route we help out with directions, sore/bare feet (by giving out flip flops), drunkeness (by giving out water and making sure people have a way of getting home), hypothermia (giving out heat blankets), cuts/blisters (plasters), more serious first aid (we are all fully trained) – we can cope with most eventualities and if we cannot, we ring for appropiate help (999 or CCTV).

We interact with the public until the early hours of the morning.

We are always looking for people to join our team.