All of our volunteers are amazing, but one or two are extra special. This is because they only get one Friday night a month off work and they choose to Street Pastor over and above other things.

So, once a year, we like to give all our team a Friday night off and have a team BBQ.

We would like to thank our trustee Peter and his wife Anita for hosting the BBQ once again last Friday, but special thanks goes to one of our volunteers named Tony who responded to a request for someone to light the fires and BBQ the food.

You could tell when he arrived that he meant business as he had a BBQ attache case in hand which was quite possibly the most impressive we’ve ever seen.

Tony's BBQ tool kit.

Tony’s BBQ tool kit.

Tony quickly got to work and kept everyone well fed for the evening.

Tony in action!

Tony in action!

A lovely evening was had by 26 of our volunteers and we can report that there were no anti-social incidents. Just a few questionable jokes…but we won’t name any names.

A huge thanks to Peter and Anita, Sue who also came to help, all those that brought other contributions and finally Tony for cooking all the BBQ food. We’ll let you off for not putting down on your application form that you’re a dab hand at a BBQ!!!