Dear Friends,

As you may know Cricket Green School have kindly let us use an office on their site for nearly 11 years which has been a huge blessing to us.
The school are doing an amazing job and have expanded hugely in this time so have asked us for the office space back from September.

Therefore, we are looking for a new permanent office base and wondering if anyone might have a spare/empty room/office they might let us use? Or space in an office we could share with your team?

Even if you don’t have access to anything yourself, please do let us know if you know anywhere that might!

What’s been so good over the years in the school is that:

  • We’ve had space for two desks
  • We’ve had space for a filing cabinet, book shelf and a set of storage shelves
  • We’ve had a lockable door for added security for our equipment and confidential documents
  • It’s been very accessible for us and allowed some of our volunteers to pop in from time to time
  • We’ve been able to make use of their internet access
  • We’ve been able to contribute towards our costs paying £80 a month which has been manageable within our budget

We know we’ve been very blessed by this provision and it may not be possible to find a like for like replacement, but if there’s anything you can offer then we’d love to have a conversation with you. Please get in touch using the form or details on our contact us page.

Many thanks and best regards