From April to June looks different now…

Thank you for your prayers, and we pray that you are all staying safe and well.

So much has changed in our lives and our churches recently because of Covid-19, it is not easy to make plans for the future.

In response to the closure of the night time economy and our local schools, the Management Team decided last month (March 2020) to suspend all patrols of Street and School Pastors.

A further decision has now been made to furlough our Street and School Pastor Coordinators (part time), Keith and Tim, so they will not be able to do any work from 1 May 2020 until further notice. Any communications should be sent to Teresa by email to

Two months ago we were planning training sessions for new Street and School Pastors. Sadly it was not possible to begin these in March/April due to the pandemic situation; we will keep these plans on hold and resume recruitment again as soon as possible.

In the meantime we thank God for the gift of faith, for sustaining us at this difficult time, and ask you please to continue to pray for Street and School Pastors.