A further update on our Street & School Pastors teams. Our Coordination team have returned to normal hours.

Northampton Street Pastors are operating a reduced service due to a reduction in the number of volunteers available. At the time of writing we have now had 4 teams out since August. We are operating with a minimum of 4 volunteers per team. We are also flexing our hours with a reduced number of hours. We started with 9pm to midnight and are now operating between 10pm and 1am. Normally we cover 5-6 nights per month, again at the moment we are only covering 3 nights concentrating on the potentially busier nights, for example pay day weekend.

Northampton School Pastors are in a similar situation with regards to the availability of volunteers. The aim is field one team per week but mainly around the vicinity of Weston Favell Centre. The team will operate on either of the days they usually operate.