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Nottingham Street Pastors is a project set up by the Malt Cross Trust in 2010. The aim of the Malt Cross Trust is to improve Nottingham’s nightlife. The project sees over 70 volunteers go out to care for and look after the on average 30,000-40,000 visitors who use Nottingham city centre’s nightlife every weekend.

Street Pastor volunteers patrol the city in teams of three on Friday and Saturday nights between 10pm and 3am to help when someone’s night out takes a turn for the worst. We offer practical, non-judgemental and compassionate help to vulnerable people at risk for their own safety or that of others.

We share our experience and expertise to change the landscape of Nottingham’s nightlife through our partnership with the Nottingham Police and Crime Commissioner, the Nottingham Business Improvement District and the Home Office which enables to impact policy and strategy in both the city and nationally.

“The Street Pastors in the city centre of Nottingham are an integral part of the ENTE offer to the thousands of visitors to our city. They provide an invaluable service to members of the public offering advice and guidance to people who they engage with on a regular basis and a calming, smiling face who reassure thousands of our citizens as they enjoy our vibrant city.

They really come in to their own when dealing with members of the public who are worse for wear after the effects of having a little too much to drink and simply can’t look after themselves. Historically police officers and paramedics have been needed to try and sober these people up, arrange transport for them and contact a loved one to make sure they aren’t alone and are being looked after. Through the partnership we have with the Street Pastors and Nottingham City Councils CCTV system they are just a radio call away from police officers on duty in the NTE. The service they provide ensures that the limited resources we have available are quickly released from dealing with people who have got themselves in a state to be able to be released to their policing duties.

By having the Street Pastors in the City of Nottingham they offer a calming effect to often drunken and rowdy people, the offer a lollipop or a bottle of water has an amazing effect on people.

They are an integral part of the partnership in the city centre their knowledge and advice is invaluable to the development of our shared initiatives to make Nottingham a safer and more vibrant city.

Whilst speaking at the Home Office launch of the Local Alcohol Action Area in March 2017 I described the work they do as the fourth emergency service, without them the NTE in the City would be a far busier, less safe environment for people to enjoy themselves and feel reassured they are there to help”

– Chief Inspector Mark Stanley, Nottinghamshire Police.

We are incredibly grateful for funding and support from Nottinghamshire Police, Nottingham BID, Boots Charitable Trust, Big Lottery Fund, the Jones 1986 Charitable Trust and the Jessie Spencer Trust in 2018.

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