Street Pastors has been a national initiative since 2003.  Owned by Ascension Trust, the 300 schemes based in towns and cities throughout the country involve over 12,000 trained Street Pastors.  Peterborough Street Pastors operates under licence to Ascension Trust.  Peterborough Street Pastors has been operating since December 2008 from St Mary’s Church, New Road, Peterborough.


In a typical year, Peterborough Street Pastors speak to or help over 1300 people whilst on patrol. This includes helping people to safety and referrals to other agencies.

In 2019 our six Street Pastors patrolled for 15 nights, 238 hours, and gave out:

  • 17 pairs of flip flops;
  • 122 bottles of water;
  • 228 lollipops;
  • 5 space blankets.

They also picked up 230 bottles or glasses from the streets. In addition to those they engaged with, they specifically helped 88 people and accompanied 38 people to safety. The impact on those 126 individuals’ lives should not be underestimated.

If you would like to boost numbers and join them in this amazing work please email Peterborough Street Pastors Scheme or use this form.

Peterborough Street Pastors Scheme is run by a Management Committee with an adopted constitution.  The scheme is inter-denominational and welcomes members from all of the Christian churches.  Our constitution requires that we have representatives from three different congregations in the city which must come from at least two denominations.