We were called via CCTV to the Student Union where a young man had collapsed. Our efforts to assess the situation were severely hampered by people passing by, who all wanted to get involved and “help” so that it was difficult even to get near him. When we did, we found that the casualty was very drunk, being repeatedly sick, cold and going in and out of consciousness.

We got him into the recovery position and got a space blanket around him but there was no sign of improvement. We kept the Prayer Pastors aware of the situation.

I decided to call an ambulance and as this was around 3.35 am, I had a heart-sinking feeling that we were going to be very late. That feeling was suddenly replaced by surprise – two students who really did know the casualty and, in fact, were his housemates arrived and were sober, sensible and surprisingly strong! Our “client” miraculously woke up, was helped to his feet and with a friend either side headed at a fair pace in a homewards direction! I had to run after them as the ambulance control insisted on hearing it from his own lips that he no longer needed an ambulance!

What an embarrassment to call and then stand down an ambulance all within 10 minutes – but after all, my pride was not what it was about was it? The student was helped and God definitely got the glory!

Praise Him! We were even back to base 1 minute before 4 am. Thank you Lord (again!)