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Another “impossible” situation solved by prayer

Before we went out on patrol one of our Prayer Pastors talked about our serving, giving to God was at a cost to us and that if it didn’t cost us something it was of no worth.

At about 2.30 am we were called to a lassie, completely out of reason due to alcohol, no phone, no money, no friends anywhere. We managed to get two phone numbers; one no reply, the other a friend who didn’t want to know.

The police didn’t think they could help and when we tried to ring for an ambulance they intimated it was going to be a good long while before they could get to us. We couldn’t get the girl anywhere near sober enough for a taxi and in any case she had no money. The Prayer Pastors had been called so I knew they would be praying for a resolution, some miracle.

We were all cold, and I know I felt tired, tired with inability to solve the problem. I suddenly knew we should be praying out loud ourselves. So I started¬†….”Father you know we are all feeling cold and tired, You know….”¬†and then the words of our Prayer Pastor from earlier came into my head…. “Father, not for ourselves

but for this girl please….”

I got no further, I was going to ask for a miracle when around the corner came the friend we had called earlier. She decided she couldn’t leave her, but had to help!