We were on patrol when we met one of our former Street Pastors walking home with his wife who hugged us and prayed that we would have at least one life changing conversation that night.

Later on we met a street sleeper who opened the conversation by telling us how holy he was (!) and that he did lots of good things although he was worried that he did lots of bad things too. We had the opportunity to explain to him that that just wasn’t how it works; he couldn’t trust that somehow his good deeds would “outweigh” the bad ones.

He listened as we explained that we all need to come to the point of admitting to God that we, like everyone else, fall short; so that we need to say a heartfelt “sorry” for all our sins; and that forgiveness is available because Jesus has taken the penalty that our sins deserve on the cross

We asked him if he’d like us to pray for him which he gladly accepted and we prayed that God would reveal Jesus to him- so maybe this will turn out to be the life-changing conversation that had been prayed for?