Well one of the many examples of answered prayer we’ve seen was in early December when we were called to help a very drunk young man who was vomiting and seemed to be in some pain. He was also jerking as if fitting and he didn’t have much English. He seemed frightened by the sight of our uniforms.

We managed to reassure him a little, mostly by the kind tones of our voices while we waited for an ambulance. He then seemed frightened by the uniforms of the ambulance crew so I climbed in beside him, with him gripping my hand for reassurance.

As the paramedics began to treat him, he became fearful and tried to get up and leave. The crew said “We’re not allowed to restrain him”, so I turned to him and said “Are you going to let these people help you”?

He understood and simply said “Yes” and peacefully laid back, which was my cue to leave and, as it was 3.55 am and had just begun to rain; it was also time to finish for the night.

When I got back to base, I told the Prayer Pastors what had happened and they exclaimed “That’s exactly what we prayed, that he would relax and let the ambulance crew help him”! And then they said “And that makes it every prayer answered tonight”!