It was just after 11 pm. We were on North Hill and became aware of two girls coming up behind us. We were a little concerned that they seemed quite young. They were carrying pillows and backpacks. We decided to keep them in sight, then we caught up with them and gently engaged them in conversation. We discovered they were only 14 and had been planning to camp for the night with friends, but the friends had backed out. They had thought about getting a bus to one of their homes from Royal Parade, but hadn’t felt comfortable waiting there on a busy Saturday evening. We offered to walk with them, to which they agreed and we walked all the way to Efford, which involved some very steep hills! We passed many groups of people and others who we are sure would have unnerved them if they had been alone. Having got them safety back indoors, we started the long walk back to base. It was now 11.45 pm and we estimated we might get to a well-earned cup of tea by 12.30 am, maybe? Suddenly, a taxi drew up and the driver offered us a lift, free!! He said he would take us wherever we needed to go and took us all the way back to base – he told us he had passed us earlier and realised what we had been doing. He was Romanian and has lived in Plymouth for 5 years. He is very grateful for what Plymouth has given to his family and was happy to have the opportunity to give something back

We arrived back at 11.55 pm – just at the right time for our break! Should we have been surprised to discover that, unknown to us, our lovely Prayer Pastors had prayed for someone to give us a lift?!! How good is God to us!! Instead of getting back really tired and thirsty for a late break, we went out 20 minutes later completely refreshed and uplifted to tackle the next shift.