“Several months ago, on my way home on a Saturday evening, I asked two Street Pastors on Mutley Plain if they would walk with me. I was alone, scared, a little out of control, and pretty upset.

I knew that I needed some help and the Street Pastors walked with me from Mutley, right to my front door, to make sure that I was safe and to comfort me when I was upset. They even waited until they could see that I was safely into the house and waved at them from the window before they left.

I thanked them at the time, but never got a chance to properly say, really, thank you. I dread to think what might have happened had they not been there, and was so grateful to them (although it was difficult to articulate at the time) for their assistance, and that I didn’t feel judged or chided for my behaviour.

Perhaps I won’t see my rescuers again but please do pass on my sincere thanks to them if possible and to all of your team for the support that they give our city when it needs it the most. So much of your assistance must go without thanks, but believe me, it is so much appreciated”