It’s well past midnight and we see two young women standing against a wall, one clearly very distressed. The woman who was crying was doubling over every so often and at first could not speak. Her friend explained that her bag had been stolen while she went to the loo. This was the first time that the girl had been out since losing her baby, some weeks or months before.

What had made the girl so distressed was the fact that the only photos she had of her dead baby had been on her mobile phone. She was trying to do the sensible thing and using her friend’s phone she had tried to contact her phone company and get her credit cards cancelled – but every time she remembered that she would never see her baby’s face again she doubled over, feeling actually sick at the pain of this loss. We stayed with them for quite a while, listening to and comforting her. There was nothing we could do about her loss but I think it helped to have the support (and prayer) at that time.