I was called over by a couple of Street Pastors who said, “We’re a bit concerned about this girl in the doorway, she seems to be being bothered by a male”. The Street Pastors spent some time with her and put a blanket round her. She was very, very drunk and very confused.

The male, realising now that she had friends (albeit you friends), then walked off. Being a police officer, I took his details. He said of course he’d met her in the club and was only interested in her welfare etc.

However, I checked him when we got back to the Police station and he was a known sex offender.

Those Street Pastors stayed with that young girl until we called her parents, who came to collect her, and I know that night they stopped something happening. That’s just one little example of what you are all out there doing, everyday, the little things repeated that you would never know prevent such bigger offences and really, really save people. Thankyou