Towards the end of our patrol a young man stepped out of a doorway and announced that he was homosexual, so we would not be interested in him! We told him that God loves everyone unconditionally and that that included him. This took the wind completely out of his sails!

He said that no-one had ever told him that, but only that God hated homosexuals and for that reason, he would tell everyone he didn’t believe in God. However he then told us that, in himself, he did believe. As it was now 3.55 am, we all gave him a big hug and left him to meet up with a friend.

Over the next days and weeks, I thought about and prayed for him and my prayers included that we might somehow meet again, so that we could tell him more. The next month, as we started our patrol, he shouted over to us from a club queue and one of our ladies was able to go over and tell him the full picture – Thank you Lord!