It was 0200 on a Sunday morning and we were returning to base for a break. As we passed a club, we saw a man with blood all over his face and T-shirt, sat on a pavement, being attended to by the staff and others; we stopped to offer help.

He and his friends claimed he had been the victim of an unprovoked violent attack by a group of other lads, which was later substantiated by CCTV. The casualty had suffered repeated kicks to his ribs, has lost a tooth and was bleeding from a deep cut on his head. The staff were appreciative of us taking over, stemming the bleeding and helping the him to cope with his injuries; he also suffered with anxiety and had stomach health issues

We stayed with him until the Police and Ambulance came onto the scene. The situation was one which could have easily escalated. Once the Club staff had seen the video footage, they realised at least one of the lads involved in the attack, was still on the premises and informed the Police. I am sure it was the prayer of the Prayer Pastors, and the Street Pastors offering God’s loving, caring presence and peace into the situation, which encouraged the victim and his friends not to seek revenge on the attackers. Instead, they waited for the Police to arrive to deal with it, and as a second attacker emerged from the club, he was rapidly identified by the casualty and his friends before being immediately secured by the Police!

Thank you, Lord, for, once more, putting us in the right place at the right time and giving us the tools, the skills and the words to not only help others, but to stop an already nasty situation becoming much worse.