We continue to be amazed sometimes that what to us may be the smallest thing, has such a huge effect on a person’s life, as shown by the story below One of our teams was approached and thanked by a lady who told them that some years ago, she was heavily into drink and sometimes drugs and was regularly in trouble with the Police, often spending the night in the cells.

Then one night she was being sick outside a nightclub and a Street Pastor team had stopped to help her. “Someone took the time to listen to and care for me” she said and as a result, she had decided to change her lifestyle – since then she has done a 3 year professional qualification and is now working full time.

She was so happy to see one of our teams so that she could say Thank you because that brief encounter had turned her life around! We continue to feel privileged to represent in some small way the unconditional love of God on our streets. Thank you Lord!