A young man, late 30s, was walking towards us. We exchanged a few pleasantries and then he gradually engaged deeper in conversation with us. Another Team member takes up the story……

He was an ex service man, having served in Iraq and Afghanistan. As he started to chat he opened up to confide in us that a friend had died of horrific injuries in his arms. He can still see all the blood and so many open wounds, and hear the screams 8 years later.

He became very distraught and was in tears. He had turned down psychiatric help on
leaving the Services, but we gave him a Resolution card and he promised he would seek help (Resolution is a charity specialising in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

This was the first time he had ever opened up to anyone. It was such a privilege to stand with him and support him. He told us thought he was going to hell because of the things he had done in the Services. It was very hard listening to him unravel his story.

We listened and spoke with him for an hour, hopefully offering him reassurance on his many
issues. Before he left us, to go and buy a kebab before walking home, we tentatively offered to pray with him which he accepted.

He squeezed my hand so hard as he listened to the words of the prayer. He was so very appreciative and gave us all a hug. We did our best to reassure him that God loves him very much and understands.