What does a Street Pastor do?

We listen, we care and we help. To date, Plymouth Street Pastors have:

    • Resuscitated 2 people
    • Helped avert 10  suicides
    • Saved at least 3 people from Hypothermia and possibly death
    • Given away over 9,700 pairs of flip flops, mainly to girls walking home barefooted carrying their high heels which they can no longer walk in – this helps to avoid foot injuries from walking on broken glass
    • Given advice/re-assurance/directions to more than 2,000 people
    • Been able to help after more than 350 assaults
    • Removed over 86,000 bottles from the streets in case they get broken and cause a hazard or get used as weapons – nb staff working in A&E Dept, Derriford Hospital have commented on the “noticeable drop” in the number of cuts dealt with on Saturday nights
    • Given away over 2,200 space blankets, mainly to street sleepers. We also carry woolly hats, gloves and scarves to give away. 
    • Administered direct First Aid and/or contacted the emergency services more than 1,000 times
    • Given away some 700 bottles of water p.a. (either to wash wounds or help sober people up enough to get them safely home in a bona-fide taxi)

In general we offer unconditional love and support to all we meet, in whatever way we can and as our training equips us to do. The power of a smile, a kind word, the offer of help or a listening ear can be all someone will need sometimes.

We don’t judge, preach, or wag fingers, although if asked, we are happy to answer any questions that we can about God or the Bible – after all, we are only reflecting His love by dong what we do on the streets!

Or, to put it in a song:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0QJup0pKpw