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2In 2008 a few leaders of RCN caught the vision of Street Pastors and set up a management team and the Street Pastors initiative was launched in February 2009. Training began in June 2009 when 27 volunteers were trained and commissioned and the first “night out” was 16th October 2009, on the streets of Reading.

We are part of a national team first pioneered in 2003, and Street Pastors continues to grow throughout the UK and across the world.

Street pastors are trained volunteers from local churches and we care about our community.

We are usually on patrol from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. every Friday and Saturday night to care, listen and help people in the Reading Town Centre.

In 2011, we were invited to patrol inside Reading Festival and since then we have been invited back each year and this year we had a tent at the festival. We have also been invited by the police to have extra patrols during Fresher’s Week.

We are led by our local coordinator and we also have support from local churches and community groups in partnership with the police, Safer Reading Campaign, Reading Bid and Doorwatch.

If you are interested in finding out more about our work, or are interested in becoming a Street Pastor, please contact us using the details on this page.