Redbridge Street Pastors


“Street Pastors is about Christians rolling up their sleeves and getting involved in practically responding to the problems of crime and safety. They are like beacons on our streets and I want to see them shining brightly in every constituency.”

David Burrowes, Patron of Ascension Trust

Welcome to Redbridge with one of the most diverse and growing populations in London. We mainly patrol 2 areas regularly, South Woodford (9pm-1:30am) which is popular for its Restaurants, pubs, nightclubs and cinema; and Ilford (9pm-00:30) which has problems with the homeless and prostitutes.

There are no easy answers to problems we come up against but we have helped to set up a Night shelter for the homeless in the winter and a Safe Space for prostitutes. But people are grateful for the little we do, even just handing out flip flops, lollipops and water.