Friday night was a little on the cold side for the street pastors as they took their usual route round Richmond. It was an interesting evening with lots of groups of young people who were having an enjoyable evening and were happy to have conversations with the Street Pastors who they consider to be there to make sure they are all right!!
Not all the conversations had were happy ones. One of the regular homeless guys was sad as he had just lost his mum. We will be remembering him in prayer.
Just as the evening (early morning) was ending and the Street Pastors thought they would have a quiet stroll home there was some trouble at one of the clubs. The door staff handled it well and had it contained as the police arrived.
So, off the Street Pastors went, back to base. To report in and have a well-earned cup of cocoa!
As one parent said, it is good to know there are people on the streets looking out for the young people.