Praise God for a great team and a peaceful evening in Richmond with mild weather!

There had been thoughts that we would be extremely busy as it was Fridy 13th but the pubs and clubs were not very busy we were able to chat with staff and people out and about. Lots of bottles and glasses were picked up ,we gave out lots of lollies and water, and a pair of flip flops were gratefully received by a young lady walking barefoot having taken her stilettos off!

One young girl we met said she’d learnt about Street Pastors in her Yr11 RE class, she was very happy to meet us in person!

Ellis felt he had done well in his exam, he’s expecting results in November. He said he was grateful that we were praying for him!

Elton is also doing well now, not sure if that means a new job yet but I sent our love to him and his family via his friend

Coming back to base we met Lucas, a homeless friend, he was on antibiotics for pneumonia. He looked very poorly and gratefully accepted prayer. Please do remember him in your prayers this coming week.