On Sunday 10th September, another 6 Street Pastors, having completed the majority of their Ascension Trust training sessions (totalling some 50 hours), were commissioned at a church service held at Rugby Baptist Church. Before introducing the new Street Pastors, Pete Hickey (the Rugby Street Pastors’ Co-ordinator) explained that the purpose of Street Pastors is to provide a Christian presence on the streets in local communities, in order to care, to listen, and provide practical help, to any of the patrons of the night time economy in need of assistance. He went on to explain that here in Rugby we have teams patrolling every Friday & Saturday night and Bank Holidays  from 10.00pm – approximately 4.00am the next morning. We have 39 Street Pastors, all unpaid volunteers, making up 8 separate teams.

(Original picture attached)

(Original picture attached)


Rugby’s Mayor, Councillor Mrs Belinda Garcia, Deputy Mayor Cllr Tom Mahoney, Deputy PCC Robert Tromans, Police, Council and church representatives, pictured with the newly commissioned Street Pastors

After the service, the new Street Pastors, some of the existing Street Pastors and church leaders were joined by the Mayor – Cllr Mrs Belinda Garcia, Deputy Mayor Cllr Tom Mahoney, Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner, Robert Tromans, Cllr Chris Cade, Matthew Deaves, Sgt Dave Valente and Stuart Powell PC Charlie Young and Rev Michael Bochenski plus families & friends, for a celebration tea.

Jan Schut, one of the newly commissioned Street Pastors, said “I really enjoyed the service and the fellowship. It was good to see so many friends of my church at the commissioning. They were really encouraged and enjoyed the occasion.

It was good to hear from the police and the mayor about the major role the street pastors play during Friday and Saturday evenings.”

Pete Hickey, Rugby Street Pastors Coordinator said “It was a great occasion and I am sure it’s one that will stay long in the memories of each of the newly commissioned Street Pastors.  I congratulate them

on being commissioned as Street Pastors, being able to wear the uniform at last and to serve the people of Rugby in this ministry. It’s a real privilege to have them all on team.” 


For Further Information regarding Rugby Street Pastors contact:

Pete Hickey

Tel: 07811 639715