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Teams Areas


Launched in 2009, the teams meet on Friday nights at Shiloh Church. A team of four (three minimum) along with as many that are willing to come to pray as Prayer Pastors, meet and pray and ask God for direction before going out into the community.


From a request by the City Centre Forum and the Police the city centre teams were launched in 2011. Each team sets out from the heart of the city centre and heads off up West Street. Depending on the night, how busy the city centre is and the team you may find Street Pastors on Division Street, Carver Street, The Moor and all points in between. Teams usually patrol between 10:45pm and 3am.

Friday nights

There are 4 teams working on a 4-weekly basis to make sure that every Friday night is covered.

Sataurday nights

Currently we are able to cover 3 Saturdays per month.

Ecclesall Road

This is a new area that we are exploring. Currently there is only a patrol once per month but this may increase with need/volunteers.