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We are based on the Isle of Sheppey a small Island in the North of Kent situated in the Thames Estuary. We are linked to the main land by two bridges over the river Swale, one old bridge with a train link and the new bridge just for motors.

We started talking about Street Pastoring 2011 as we had heard about the successful Sittingbourne group. We did all our training at Sittingbourne and on Friday the 18th January 2013 we had our Commissioning Service with the Mayor, our Borough Commander, many Church Leaders, a representative from Sittingbourne Street Pastors and of course our wonderful Anwar and Hannah Borazza from Acension Trust who have assisted us all the way. After the service we went out in two groups with Hannah and Anwar leading us, by then I must add it had started to pour with snow. We went out for an hour to meet and greet with the local door staff, bar staff and early evening revellers. Despite the weather there were lots of people about and we were met with warmth and enthusiasm. It was encouraging to receive peoples thanks and appreciation when we explained what we hoped to do when we started our patrols in the Town. Our first team went out on the 1st Feb 2013.

So who are the Sheppey Street Pastors we are a group of people with a calling from God to serve our community. We are made up of 7 churches on the Island. We have 14 Prayer Pastors who range in age from 40 to 80. Our Street Pastors come from 5 different churches and are made up from 5 women and 4 men ages range from 40 to 60. Everyone split into two teams 7PP 4SP and one floating between the teams. This means we are only able to go out twice a month.

We have two new members who have just started training this September. As we are a Sea side Town our busiest months are from April to October when the caravan and chalets sites open.

We are very privileged to be part of what God is doing in our nation through the work of Street Pastors.

Update: October 2014

We Have continued to send out our teams once a month on Friday and once a month on a Saturday. Although we have recruited new Street Pastors, others have moved away from the area so we are still only operating twice a month. Following Sittingbourne Street Pastors, we stay out until 2am. We have been considered staying out till 4am when the local club shuts and our presence would be really helpful. However, during the period between 2am and 4am it would be too quiet to justify the extra sacrifice involved.

Most of the people out on the streets at night are law-abiding and apart from picking up bottles and giving flip flops, lolly pops and bottles of water(and the odd plaster) our main activity is chatting to people. We see this is an important activity; it builds bridges between the church and the community and people are often amazed that we willingly give up time to do this.

This year we hope to get out to our churches and recruit more Street Pastors and Prayer Pastors so that we can have least one more team out in the month and if its Gods will maybe one more so we are out every week.

What is a Street Pastor?

Street pastors are trained volunteers from local churches who care about their community.

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